Saturday, November 3


My friend asked me to some modelling for his project REUNION a couple months ago and it looks I forgot to post them. You can check out the rest of his work here:

shoot this photos make me miss my long hair. well mostly that colour and ombre. 

Wednesday, August 29

August rush

August was busy hence why there's only two outfit posts... My bad.

Sunday, July 8

1st week of July


A lot of things occurred this month. Sister graduated highschool, dyed my hair reddish auburn and ombré, gone hiking etc etc read about those things on my other blog.

Wednesday, April 18


Just some random outfits from April. The weathers been up and down. And I misplaced my red lipstick again... :|

Sunday, March 11

Pink denim

Feeling like a lady for work yesterday/earlier today

Wednesday, March 7

Outfits from the week:
80's madonna attire for an 80's night
And spring colour block because it was a beautiful sunny day!