Wednesday, September 22

this is a message from your heart, your most devoted body part

i'm a concert junkie. any artist/band that i adore or even just started listening to, when the come to town i HAVE to see them. i just love how each concert brings forth different people an with it a different atmosphere. it's wonderfully addictive. anyways these are photos of the outfit i wore to the kina grannis concert on sunday night. thanks nicky for taking so many photos, that's why your my best friend haha :) 

oh and i'm wearing: faux-leather military jacket- costa blanca, white tank- aero, floral bandeau- garage, tappered military jeans- costa blanca, borrowed wedges from my mama- charrlotte russe?, leather studded bag-aldo, fossil belt- thrifted, newsprint wafers- bang on, necklace- aldo
how perfect was this tank and cannon? it suited my military inspired outfit perfectly and it was adjacent to the beautifully painted wall i took photos infront of in the above photos. i couldn't get a great shot, but further down the wall were murals of great canadian inspirations. a couple being david suzuki and terry fox.
stroll from the pub to miss nicole's place. oh boy, too many memories in this little park. some wonderful summer days and a couple tears.

meet Kina Grannis, she is a tiny little darling with such a big serenading voice. check her out on youtube/itunes.
and just to let you imagine how short she is, i am 5"3 and so is nicole (who isn't wearing heels in the shot)
just a few favourite photos of the night. oh and we almost would have had to cab from new west back home because we were approaching the hours that the skytrains would soon stop running. thank goodness we hoped on one after swapping stations. it was an adventure that's for sure. any favourite concerts you readers or visitors would care to share? 

Wednesday, September 8

Thursday, September 2

Night Wanderer

after a long day of moving stuff around (was my day off but it felt like i was working, i'll post it in my other blog when i have the energy to) i strolled in a park for bit then got attacked by a wack load of mosquitos. thanks to that unpleasant surprise the fello and i decided to go in the car away from the blood sucking critters and watch a movie on the laptop till my bestest friend nicole was ready for our little sleepover. wow what a run on sentence...good thing i'm starting school again this fall. anywho once nicky arrived at my place we were  completely starving so we decided to walk to one of the many fast food restaurants in our town. i brought alex along cause she was famished as well, it was a fun and random stroll of taking various silly pictures, running across streets and frolicking. the walk back was equally energy packed. now im home and ready to hit bed, nicky and i need to wake up quite early for our school orientation tomorrow. first day on campus- woooh hoo :)

wearing: cream cardigan- aeropostale, eyelit vintage boho tank- thrifted, lace cami underneath- aeropostale, teal roxy jeans- off the wall, beaded sandals- costa rica, vintage nine west bag- thrifted
don't worry i wasn't tresspassing, it was my apartment, right outside my ma's room- i'm not that much of a rebel. or a rebel at all really.
goodnight(or good morning to those of you on the flip side of canada)  hope you guys are ending these last days of summer with a great big bang. i'm so ready to embrace fall at's autumn leaves now.

Wednesday, September 1

oh hey there september

here's a goal for this month and new season: try to take photos of outfits i actually like that are stylish rather than my ordinary work clothing. this might be hard since i now have two jobs and will be attending school starting next week. so if i vanish for several weeks, i'm still alive...just busy. but i shall try my very very bestest to capture the looks i love that you might enjoy rather than the "eh' ones i just have to take a shot of.

and here's a post of an outfit i wore to my first night clubbing. the club was alright, but i liked my outfit hah. sorry i didn't capture the bottom half i couldn't find a spot to set the camera that wouldn't make it look awkward
wearing: borrowed sheer & studded top from my sister - forever21, grey skinnies i can't stop wearing- aeropostale (amazingly!), braided bracelts that won't leave my wrists till they fall - bought in costa rica, from guatamala, alligator ring- aldo, fav nail polish- under a dollar in costa rica :) 
so just a reminder this is not a promise that i'll take photos of nice outfits all the time, just a promise that'll i'll do my best at trying to :) 
hah like my cheesy grin, don't know what i was doing but i find it amusing haha

diamonds in her veins

all of a sudden i've been attracted to sparkling things, just like a crow.