Wednesday, June 30


love everything about the outfits in these photos. in the first photo i love all the accessories, the nail polish and the simple yet beautiful hairdo. in the second photo i love the idea of layering lace over floral print it gives the outfit more of a vintage feel. I also adore those sun glasses, i'm on the look out for a pair of those. Agggh the final photo- i just love every bit. the back of that top/dress (not sure what it is since i can't see the bottom) is just so stunning gives me a little idea for a d.i.y. I also love how it's dressed down with a denim top thrown on the waste and the little knit hat atop her head in addition to the multiple bracelets on her wrists.

Monday, June 28

i want you, i want you so baaaad.

oh goodness, if i owned any of these tee's i would be the happiest girl in the world, the johhny depp and twiggy tee are probably my favourtie ones since they would be harder to find (the mj one i suppose i can try to make with stencils? just gotta get motivated). as for the bush administration i simply love it, although im not american i feel we all survived that period in life and i do believe the whole world rejoiced when obama became president. i wonder what the history books of the future will say of the milenium's politics/presidents/wars. that would be an interesting history class for sure don't you think? anywho off topic- if any one reading this knows where to find one of these tees please let me know cause im definately lusting over them bad hah.

Thursday, June 17

working for that cash

so today i was gonna hand out resumes for jobs, cause i need a second one so badly- gotta pay for rent, my phone, and soon uni. i actually can't recall the last time i went out shopping, like actually said 'hey i got some extra cash i shall treat myself." it's been far too long. anyways, this was the get up i decided was good enough to apply for jobs, only thing is i didn't have time to since i got called in to work today- oh well i need the extra dough :)

wearing: linen blazer- charlotte russe, striped top- h&m, ultra skinny levis- thrifted (d.i.y)
 accessories: stud-like necklace- forever 21, purple stone- costa rica, silver jesus fish ring- kiosk in the mall, black chunky ring- gift from aunt in costa rica, multi rings-h&m, black "o" rings- camp

Wednesday, June 16


After a long day (was up at 6am-rare for me since i haven't been in school for a year) i came home from a very amusing day and changed into the comfy-ist gear i own. The afro-ish bun is due to the photoshoot i had done early that day for a friend, never have i seen so much volume in my hair, no extensions added whatsover that is all mine. i've always wanted to rock out a fro and my dream came true yesterday :) now i have to go see if i can wash this out, although part of me doesn't want to. Oh and i believe i will receive the photos from the shoot in a couple of weeks, the outfits aren't spectacular as i was a hair model- if only i brought camera to take shots of the other work being done. it was ridiculous, i felt as if i were backstage getting ready for a runway. there were giant platinum blond lips placed on top of heads, along with yellow/white bouquets of hair, a haunted tree, and some crazy bun bigger than the models head with extensions about as long as her own hair draping down with braids falling atop her head- it was amazing. 

& the tired expression is due to the long day, so simply ignore it.

wearing: grey mens sweater-thrifted, faux leather/shinny legings- off the wall, nude boot sandals- costa rica, black studded leather bag-aldo, scarf- h&m

Tuesday, June 8

micky mouse club

so i edited this photo a little different then normal, not to sure if i like it or not hah. but this was my outfit on friday, im a tad delayed when it comes to posting up the photos. still trying to get the hang of it all. but i'm trying alright :)

wearing: oversized somewhat of a crop top (it's an XL)-forever21, sequined vest-le chateau, black skinnies that i wear far too much- ae, mickey mouse sneakers that don't fit (i don't think i'll borrow them again)- sisters, we found them at a consignment/thrift shop, thread bracelts-bought in costa rica, but they're from guatamala

this is my younger sister, alexandra (or alex), she enjoys wearing my clothing (like the black jumper she has on in the photo) along with taking sibling photos and doing hair-she's good at it.
i somehow managed to be on the floor while taking photos...i don't recall how- im wearing sneakers for goodneess sake and was standing in one spot...

Thursday, June 3

tourist in my city

so tuesday my ma' and headed downtown to pick up a cheque from a car accident we got to a while ago, then after we decided to hit up a consignment shop (ran out of time cause i had to head over to a friends place for a fun get together) where i found a nice jean jacket and the cutest little suspenders ever. i shall upload photos of them another time cause i totally forget to take a photo of them. but the day was lovely and the sun was shinning so we decided to take photos of ourselves and act like tourists, except when a very attractive business man asked us where we were from i bluntly answered "we're from here!" and he kindly said "ohhh, it's always cool to be a tourist in your own city." and it sure is, after her left my mom turned to me and said "GAAAABBI, that's when you say we're from costa rica! or 'my mom's from costa rica, she came to visit me' then they get interested and get the convo going!" i laughed, cause it's very very true, oh well for next time.

silence+noise top- urban outfitters, leather jacket-h&m, black skinnies- ae, purple suede bag-thrifted, michael kors leopard print moccasins- thrifted/consignment

rings (from L to R): h&m, some kiosk in the mall that sells silver jewlery/stones, forever21 (his eye fell off... i need to crazy clue it back), costa rica, forever21 & h&m, camp