Wednesday, December 16

Tell me, are you a runaway, Sweet sweat on a summers day,

"one, two, three- all for free
her pretty face, her pretty gaze. flash your lady."

i'm not too crazy about her character on gossip girl, or vanessa's outfits but in reality jessica szohr has got style. i love the type of outfits that appear thrown together, and her style oozes out the whole laid back i'm dating a rockstar look- not to mention she actually is dating the filthy youth's front man (& gossip girl co-star) ed westwick. yeah not only does she have pieces in her wardrobe that i would die for (such as both black sandals in the middle photos, and those leopard print ankle boots) but she's dating the man of dreams. but back to jessica, from her hair (long and messy, super curly, or tied up), to accessories, to skinnies & minis, and her glowing beautifully exotic tan, she's got it good and yet it says "i don't really care, but i still look good". her style is way underestimated, and hopefully she can put some feedback into her character vanessa's style choices just like taylor momsen was able to do.

Monday, December 14

it's a beautiful life

life just seemed so much more glamerous way back in the day when our grandparents were young.

(love this photo capturing the backstage prep of a showgirl, i wonder what it was truly like to be a showgirl)

even in the every day simple life. well maybe not everyone's life seemed glamorous, but the style was more feminine and the fabrics and prints screamed "look at me, i'm the star of the show." yenno? i suppose that's why i'm happy with fashion's flasback to this decade, with fur + feathers, loads of shinny jewlery, and simple make up- just in time  for new years.

Sunday, December 13

stormy palettes

i know this is more of a fall spread than it is a winter one, but i've gotten used to dressing in such dark colours. i can't help it. the weather just feels so gray, i tend to match the colour palettes of dark rainy clouds to that of my outfits. not that i'm feeling gray and gloomy at all, just a habit now. doesn't help either that my favourite items at the moment are black or neutral colours, and i can't stop myself from being drawn to them when i stroll around stores. this is strange for me cause i'm used to more vibrant colours, i own jeans in teal and a highlighter orange for goodness sake. never would i have imagine i'd be decked out in shades of gray and nude tones. but too bad, this habit won't die easy this winter. doesn't black absorb heat anyways? point proved? i think so.
ps. did i mention i love the photography in this spread? well i do.
i love the mystery, and the feeling of it being in the middle of a deep forest in the middle of nowhere.
oh and the shoes are gorgeous, and i want that black cape coat.

Friday, December 11

black + white & good light

once i get my camera ( it will be soon hopefully) i shall somewhat re-create these photos. just love the movement and flow of the jacket on the left.

hello, hello.

alrightie so i finally decided to create a fashion blog. full of inspirations, muses, fashion photography, illustrations, and whatever i happen to throw on during the days. bare with me as i'm not used to taking photos of my outfits, so for now photos i find interesting will have to do. :)