Saturday, July 24

you make my heart pound

wearing: floral bandeau & army green tank/vest- garage, gold leave/multi chain necklace- aldo? (it was a gift from my bff), dark wash skinnies- h&m, black sandals- wet seal
so these are the only nice shoes i can wear at the moment due to the unwanted blisters i have on my feet- now i know why i stopped wearing flats. so the story goes like this: i went to the shoe warehouse about a year ago and found this beautiful pair of michael kors red flats for a ridiculous amount i couldn't say no. i wore them a couple times and they made my feet bleed once...then get blisters the next so i left them in my closet. i'd glance at them every day trying to find something to wear them with then i never could for some reason. anywho... i decided to wear them a couple days ago and couldn't walk after a while cause they killed so much. why must they be so painful? BUT wait! my manager gave me the greatest idea to put this material that's like a felt/soft fabric so they'd be comfortable and wouldn't give me disgusting blisters. so i shall try that out, and maybe you'll see them in my posts more? 

Also, today a very lovely and close friend of mine left to Bradford, England where she will be living for 2 years. it was a very bittersweet moment at the airport, but i can not wait to hear all her stories. i shall write about this all in my other blog though- since i have quite a lot to say :) 

Wednesday, July 21

lovely lace ♥

i want these two items so baaaaaad. lately i've been lusting over white or off-white lace (before it was black). it just seem so lovely and feminine and somewhat sensual in a lady like way. i just want something in lace pleaaaaaase and thank you. if any of you who read this find or know of where to find items such as these (lace bodysuit/ tank, or a ruffled lace dress- for a reasonable price) pleaaaaase feel free to post a comment and let me know. that would be so greatly appreciated :)

Saturday, July 17

oh oh i want some more, oh oh what are you waitin' for?

comfy gear for an early morning of heading to the bank & browsing (which turned into shopping....)

wearing: zipper pocket tee- garage, army green linen shorts- aero, sandals-costa rica, aviators- kiosk in the mall.

black tee with cut off & tied back and blue (somewhat of an acid was feel) - coastal ridders
crocodile ring- aldo

oh and yesterday i got myself these colours to add to my nail polish collection (i've become somewhat of an addict). they were only 2 bucks each! 
clockwise from R: it's not as pink in the photo more of a pinkish/brown, gold and sparkly (looks good alone or over top of the pinkish/brown one), below is one i wish showed up like it does in the bottle but it decieved me and is just clear BUT it looks good over top of a purple/black (my sis tested it out for me). and last is this dark brown that almost looks black and i'm in love with it. it's on my fingers at the moment :)

Thursday, July 15

just another ordinary day

favourite sneakers. white leather keds- value village baaaby :)
secret, magic erasers are indeed magical! they cleaned the blue dye from my super dark wash skinnies right off of my precious white sneakers. so any white leather stained by dye, rub a little bit of magic eraser and your good to go people.
i swear i do own coloured clothing, my closet doesn't just consist of greys, whites, and blacks. for serious! next time i wear something colourful and printed i'll be sure to snap a shot. and that is a promise friends :)

just plain old clothing for another ordinary work day at aero...

wearing: grey t-aeropostale, same ae black skinnies ( i also own a whole wack load of jeans beside these bad boys), flower belt- ae, rings, braclet, bag- costa rica

Wednesday, July 14

a hippie girl one day a rock chick the next.

"i was born to rock. learned to walk in flip flops. And i bought my clothes at the local thrift shop. I wouldn't be late if i looked at the clock, but id rather spend time than by a wrist watch. zip-lock keep it fresh. red hot chili pep. dread lock rocksta."

went long boarding yet again today, gotta practice in order to get better right? well i long-boarded for a bit then spent most of the time chillin' under a tree eating drumsticks and listening to shwayze, or laying on the longboard a top the hill. it's summer, so i'm just gonna soak up all those rays :)

wearing: crocheted top-thrifted, denim jeans- aero, bracelets-costa rica.

Tuesday, July 6

 photos take a couple weeks ago that my lovely friend yaisa finally uploaded. she's a good little photographer wish i could have her around to take photos of my outfits all the time. like carry her around in my bag then take her out and watch her grow from a diminutive stature to her normal hight, like Alice does when she eats those little cookies. anywho this outfit is one of my favs, and i just threw all together that day in about 2 minutes. don't you love those days? when you just grab stuff out or your closet without paying attention put it on then glance at the mirror and go "ohhh i really like this together, it looks goooood". sometimes makes me feel like i should be a fashion stylist cause it seemed so easy and effortless hah. if only- that would be a ridiculously awesome job.

this are two good friends of mine Paula (on the right) and Joryli (on the far left). they are gorgeous on the inside and out as corny as that may sound it is true. plus they are both hilarious in their own way- hence the laughing in the photos :)


wearing: sheer lightpink/purple blouse- thrifted, black dress- costa blana, chain necklace- aldo, fav. purple stone necklace, black strappy sandals- charlotte russe.

Saturday, July 3

football fanatic?

had a busy busy day today, and it went by speedyly. applied to micky d's and got an interview straight up- yes i have resulted to applying to mcdonalds...whatever it'll give me hours and that means mo'cash. went to the bank to deposit a large check only to transfer it to my mothers account (it'll be paying for uni next year since this year i'll be paying for it -it'll be a cheaper school so better deal for me i guess). then i headed to work which went by uber fast. came home to watch the match between Germany and Argentina (my alarm didn't go off this morning). i didn't think i'd get into it since i had already known the score, but i suppose i did (hence the zoned out/blank expressions in the above photo). i was all for both teams but i knew the Germans would dominate, i just get these hunches you know. so that explains the lack of effort in this post. i simply came home threw on my fave sweater and some slippers and stared at the tv for a very long time hah. can't wait till Wednesday, might go downtown to watch Germany vs Espana . it's gonna be hella good. i'm roooting for spain! though im a bit scared the germans might win...even though i am cheering for them too. i think my latin blood just wants a latin team to win. after all it is our sport :)
wearing: white tank-aero, D.I.Y. tie-dye bandeau- (bought it plain white at aero), the same black ae skinnies i just happen to wear whenever i post, fossil suade belt- thrifted, fav/comfy grampa sweater- thrifted, feather earings- costa rica

Viva Espana!
(ps. that's germany in this shot not spain)