Sunday, December 13

stormy palettes

i know this is more of a fall spread than it is a winter one, but i've gotten used to dressing in such dark colours. i can't help it. the weather just feels so gray, i tend to match the colour palettes of dark rainy clouds to that of my outfits. not that i'm feeling gray and gloomy at all, just a habit now. doesn't help either that my favourite items at the moment are black or neutral colours, and i can't stop myself from being drawn to them when i stroll around stores. this is strange for me cause i'm used to more vibrant colours, i own jeans in teal and a highlighter orange for goodness sake. never would i have imagine i'd be decked out in shades of gray and nude tones. but too bad, this habit won't die easy this winter. doesn't black absorb heat anyways? point proved? i think so.
ps. did i mention i love the photography in this spread? well i do.
i love the mystery, and the feeling of it being in the middle of a deep forest in the middle of nowhere.
oh and the shoes are gorgeous, and i want that black cape coat.

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