Monday, January 23


all my jeans are dirty (laundry day tomorrow) so rather than wearing an above the knee dress with thing stockings i opted to wear this maxi skirt i forgot i had. kept me warm and feeling fairly witchy :)

wearing: onyx & silver ring- christmas gift, silver jesus fish ring-gift, cropped cowl neck sweater- UrbanOutfitters(gift i gave my sis then borrowed hehe), lace maxi skirt-forever21, fave lace boots-Aldo
 look how crazy talented my sis is: she whipped this off the top of her head cause she was bored. and she hated the result! silly silly girl.

Saturday, January 14

Date night

Decided to wear a nice little dress for a long overdue date with my man yesterday. Surprisingly I wasn't cold (woolish tights due wonders at keeping one warm) he was the one shivering and shaking.

And it's another phone shot for I've misplaced the camera. :/ but having my phone let capture the outfit throughout the day

Thursday, January 12

Yes it's necessary to stay fly like canaries

Alrightie I'm gonna honestly do my best to keep up with this blog. As mentioned before I feel a tad narcissistic constantly taking photos of my outfits, but I'd like to see how it develops and changes throughout the year. There's no such thing as a static staple style; if you think about it something in your wardrobe will eventually change- be it a colour, silhouette, texture etc.

So here's to the new year and towards more consistency for whoever actually follows this "look at my style" blog of mine.

And voila today's outfit via iPhone.
Simple, comfy, chill = great for a jam packed day of two 3 hour classes, and a longer than usual commute downtown (skytrain stopped running and I, alongside various strangers, was stuck in it for 20 minutes while they tried fixing the door. Oh geez) to go visit a new friend. 
I need to write more that was a huge run on..*.face palm*
wearing: forest green knitted headband (does a good job at keeping my ears warm) -f21, knit sweater-joe (yes from the superstore), half faux leather leggings- thrifted (another score),  army jacket- aritzia, military stomping boots- gift from my man, faux-fur bag- Aldo