Wednesday, September 1

oh hey there september

here's a goal for this month and new season: try to take photos of outfits i actually like that are stylish rather than my ordinary work clothing. this might be hard since i now have two jobs and will be attending school starting next week. so if i vanish for several weeks, i'm still alive...just busy. but i shall try my very very bestest to capture the looks i love that you might enjoy rather than the "eh' ones i just have to take a shot of.

and here's a post of an outfit i wore to my first night clubbing. the club was alright, but i liked my outfit hah. sorry i didn't capture the bottom half i couldn't find a spot to set the camera that wouldn't make it look awkward
wearing: borrowed sheer & studded top from my sister - forever21, grey skinnies i can't stop wearing- aeropostale (amazingly!), braided bracelts that won't leave my wrists till they fall - bought in costa rica, from guatamala, alligator ring- aldo, fav nail polish- under a dollar in costa rica :) 
so just a reminder this is not a promise that i'll take photos of nice outfits all the time, just a promise that'll i'll do my best at trying to :) 
hah like my cheesy grin, don't know what i was doing but i find it amusing haha

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