Monday, January 24

off to never-never-land

howdy? sorry once again for the MIA'ness. school and work and church have been madness. they've consumed my life, but not my fashion sense? i just don't have time to take photo's of my ensembles or forget. but mostly forget. my bad heh-forgive me. anywho this is the outfit i wore the other day for one of my friends 20th. it was a lovely gal time. they have the photos of the even so i suppose i won't put them up here cause why post the same thing twice right? oh also, forgive the nasty mess of the room. the filthy side would be sisters section...sometimes sharing is not caring.

wearing: lace cami- aero, silk cami- UO, vintage shawl-thrifted, black jeggings (i dispise that term but it's what they are)- aero, roxy coat- off the wall (sadly they shut down today...), boots- ALDO,  ring-gift, braclets: aero, ae, costa rica.

ps. like my drawing of gaga? still in the works. check out my art blog
for my paintings,photography, sketches, etc.

take care lovelies.
i'll be posting more- hopefully

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  1. loving everything about this, pretty lady!


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