Saturday, January 2

it's a whole new year.

i know it's a tad late but i'll say it anyways 
so my greatest friend ever, nicole, and i  planned to have this amazing black & white party this year only to have it be an utter flop. well not completely, but it was a bit pathetic at the begging. so we decided to ditch our party and head to someone elses's to go 'dancing' only to arrive and see three people sitting on the couch watching the tv as one guy continuously flipped channels cause he was mesmerized by all the different shows ( he doesn't have cable). my thought immediately was "oh man, what do we do now. this is sad." but suprisingly we stayed till midnight. spent the hours playing catch-phrase, and a game ment for children called 'animal game' which was actually a little hard and extremely hilariously with the people i ended up playing it with. after the ball dropped and everyone shouted happy new years to one another, and friends/family over the phone. we exchanged our favourite part about the year 2009, said our fairwells and head back to our party. where we actually danced for a wee bit, played some good old beatles rockband and watched zoolander (was my first time experiencing that movie, and oh my it was greatness). no i am not gonna post a set list of new years resolutions cause i never seem to do them anyways so i set myself to failure. i shall make a list later and call it something lame, maybe then i'll do it. how was your new years? hope it was well spent

[top-h&m, wet(leatherish) leggings-off the wall, black&white balloons dolla store]


  1. i was unaware you had a blog, gabs. i like the layout and header thingy. woooooo! i also like you.

  2. hey there B
    i didn't know you had one either.
    well i glimpsed at the douchette chronicles a while back before little fin was born. glad you still keep us posted :)


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