Thursday, January 21

my apologies

i know i've been a tad MIA from this blog, but hey give me a lil slack. i don't have a camera that takes good photos (ex. mine at the moment either has super high flash, or shoots in all in black and red...) so for now another celeb style inspiration will do. yes it is one of the olsens, can you guess who? ashley of course, i find her sisters a little too "i don't care what i wear, hey look i look drugged 24/7" at least lately she's looking a bit more put together but i honestly don't have time to be searching for a decent outfit out of her candid shots. so here's a bit of ashley o.

i would really love to get my hands on a pair charcoal acid wash cigarette jeans. i just have to find the right fit- i'm so finicky about my jeans, unlike most girls i gotta make sure it looks like a have a but- it's a latin thing (and that is a huge run on sentance i need to go back to school). and i can not wait to where shorts and sandals all the time. COSTA RICA I COME! i also need to purchase a pair of good shades and contacts, cause i really don't feel like wearing my super thick rimmed spectacles in central america. why? 1.) the dirt and dust all over my lenses, that for sure won't help me see at all 2.) no protection from the sun = more damage to my eyes.

as for the bottom two photos, well they just depict her clean & simple effortless put together style. and if my mom could have it her way she'd have me dressing like this forever. not that i won't want to, i like it, but i wear what i feel. and i suppose a part of me prefers to dress indie boho oversized shirts in sort of rebellion to my mom's preference of style. i don't want to be a mini clone of her, i'd rather me my own person thank you.

ohh and i have made a couple golden purchases lately. such as the black strapless jumper i found and a designer consignment boutique downtown. oh that store was wonderful. the shoe selection was amazing. except it was difficult to find my size amongst all the size 8's and 9's. but i did manage to find a pair of vintage versace black leather boots. they were gorgeous. i just wasn't able to purchase them due to having to pay for my passport and the rent coming up soon. it was sad leaving them there, but i guess it wasn't meant to be.

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