Wednesday, May 26

top it off

Baaaack, well I have been for almost a month now :S my bad on not posting all this time. It's just every time I have an outfit I'd very much like to post I can't find the camera or realize I never snapped it before I got scrubbed out. Terribleness I know, and I apologize- I will get better at this just you wait. Anywho the trip was great, check out my other blog (curbside propet) for all the details- still have yet to post about them but check it out in a couple of days hah. So here's to my first post since ages ago. Yes it's already somewhat old and being done pretty much all over the world (Europe/Asia/North America) but it's the BUN. I loved it then, love it now, will always love it. Especially since it's so versatile, wear it waaay up on your head, low at bottom, in a chignon on the side, quick and messy, with ribbons or bows, braids, super puffy or neat like a ballerina. I simply love them, they're simple- yet achieving the perfect bun when you want to isn't at all easy. Somedays I get the perfect one when I wake up and tie it up before washing my face, then I look in the mirror and  say "okay, today's a bun day" cause I know for a fact if I let it down I can't get it back the same. So cheers to buns, fresh and ready to go for the summer, now I think I'll go and try to add the braid in the first photo, if not looks like my sister will have to do my hair some day soon :)

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