Thursday, June 3

tourist in my city

so tuesday my ma' and headed downtown to pick up a cheque from a car accident we got to a while ago, then after we decided to hit up a consignment shop (ran out of time cause i had to head over to a friends place for a fun get together) where i found a nice jean jacket and the cutest little suspenders ever. i shall upload photos of them another time cause i totally forget to take a photo of them. but the day was lovely and the sun was shinning so we decided to take photos of ourselves and act like tourists, except when a very attractive business man asked us where we were from i bluntly answered "we're from here!" and he kindly said "ohhh, it's always cool to be a tourist in your own city." and it sure is, after her left my mom turned to me and said "GAAAABBI, that's when you say we're from costa rica! or 'my mom's from costa rica, she came to visit me' then they get interested and get the convo going!" i laughed, cause it's very very true, oh well for next time.

silence+noise top- urban outfitters, leather jacket-h&m, black skinnies- ae, purple suede bag-thrifted, michael kors leopard print moccasins- thrifted/consignment

rings (from L to R): h&m, some kiosk in the mall that sells silver jewlery/stones, forever21 (his eye fell off... i need to crazy clue it back), costa rica, forever21 & h&m, camp

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  1. sweet owl ring!


    Rosa Couture


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