Monday, August 30

I love vintage people & shipwrecks and daisy's

a little photo shoot that my friends and I did about a month ago at the beach. it was a splendid little day. photos take by the wonderful yaisa :)

wearing: floral skirt worn as a dress- thrifted, fave nude bootie sandals- costa rica (they ripped so i still need to take them to see if they can get fixed), sunnies- aussie (from a friend), oversized bow- borrowed from a lovely lady

rings: coral nail polish would be me-(L-R): h&m, kiosk in the mall, charlotte russe, aldo. and on my sister (white np) all from forever 21 i believe...

favourite ice cream place, the guy sings to Frank Sinatra every day and you can smell the homemade waffle cones when you stroll on by
lovely little ladies, paula & sarah :) they always put a smile on my face.
Alex (my little sister) and I showing some LOVE to little miss yaisa

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