Saturday, July 24

you make my heart pound

wearing: floral bandeau & army green tank/vest- garage, gold leave/multi chain necklace- aldo? (it was a gift from my bff), dark wash skinnies- h&m, black sandals- wet seal
so these are the only nice shoes i can wear at the moment due to the unwanted blisters i have on my feet- now i know why i stopped wearing flats. so the story goes like this: i went to the shoe warehouse about a year ago and found this beautiful pair of michael kors red flats for a ridiculous amount i couldn't say no. i wore them a couple times and they made my feet bleed once...then get blisters the next so i left them in my closet. i'd glance at them every day trying to find something to wear them with then i never could for some reason. anywho... i decided to wear them a couple days ago and couldn't walk after a while cause they killed so much. why must they be so painful? BUT wait! my manager gave me the greatest idea to put this material that's like a felt/soft fabric so they'd be comfortable and wouldn't give me disgusting blisters. so i shall try that out, and maybe you'll see them in my posts more? 

Also, today a very lovely and close friend of mine left to Bradford, England where she will be living for 2 years. it was a very bittersweet moment at the airport, but i can not wait to hear all her stories. i shall write about this all in my other blog though- since i have quite a lot to say :) 

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