Wednesday, June 16


After a long day (was up at 6am-rare for me since i haven't been in school for a year) i came home from a very amusing day and changed into the comfy-ist gear i own. The afro-ish bun is due to the photoshoot i had done early that day for a friend, never have i seen so much volume in my hair, no extensions added whatsover that is all mine. i've always wanted to rock out a fro and my dream came true yesterday :) now i have to go see if i can wash this out, although part of me doesn't want to. Oh and i believe i will receive the photos from the shoot in a couple of weeks, the outfits aren't spectacular as i was a hair model- if only i brought camera to take shots of the other work being done. it was ridiculous, i felt as if i were backstage getting ready for a runway. there were giant platinum blond lips placed on top of heads, along with yellow/white bouquets of hair, a haunted tree, and some crazy bun bigger than the models head with extensions about as long as her own hair draping down with braids falling atop her head- it was amazing. 

& the tired expression is due to the long day, so simply ignore it.

wearing: grey mens sweater-thrifted, faux leather/shinny legings- off the wall, nude boot sandals- costa rica, black studded leather bag-aldo, scarf- h&m

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