Monday, June 28

i want you, i want you so baaaad.

oh goodness, if i owned any of these tee's i would be the happiest girl in the world, the johhny depp and twiggy tee are probably my favourtie ones since they would be harder to find (the mj one i suppose i can try to make with stencils? just gotta get motivated). as for the bush administration i simply love it, although im not american i feel we all survived that period in life and i do believe the whole world rejoiced when obama became president. i wonder what the history books of the future will say of the milenium's politics/presidents/wars. that would be an interesting history class for sure don't you think? anywho off topic- if any one reading this knows where to find one of these tees please let me know cause im definately lusting over them bad hah.

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