Thursday, June 17

working for that cash

so today i was gonna hand out resumes for jobs, cause i need a second one so badly- gotta pay for rent, my phone, and soon uni. i actually can't recall the last time i went out shopping, like actually said 'hey i got some extra cash i shall treat myself." it's been far too long. anyways, this was the get up i decided was good enough to apply for jobs, only thing is i didn't have time to since i got called in to work today- oh well i need the extra dough :)

wearing: linen blazer- charlotte russe, striped top- h&m, ultra skinny levis- thrifted (d.i.y)
 accessories: stud-like necklace- forever 21, purple stone- costa rica, silver jesus fish ring- kiosk in the mall, black chunky ring- gift from aunt in costa rica, multi rings-h&m, black "o" rings- camp


  1. so cute! i love ur rings :)

  2. Love your necklace :)

    Sonia xo

  3. your blog is lovely.
    I really like your pictures and style girl. You are very pretty too :)


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