Tuesday, June 8

micky mouse club

so i edited this photo a little different then normal, not to sure if i like it or not hah. but this was my outfit on friday, im a tad delayed when it comes to posting up the photos. still trying to get the hang of it all. but i'm trying alright :)

wearing: oversized somewhat of a crop top (it's an XL)-forever21, sequined vest-le chateau, black skinnies that i wear far too much- ae, mickey mouse sneakers that don't fit (i don't think i'll borrow them again)- sisters, we found them at a consignment/thrift shop, thread bracelts-bought in costa rica, but they're from guatamala

this is my younger sister, alexandra (or alex), she enjoys wearing my clothing (like the black jumper she has on in the photo) along with taking sibling photos and doing hair-she's good at it.
i somehow managed to be on the floor while taking photos...i don't recall how- im wearing sneakers for goodneess sake and was standing in one spot...

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