Saturday, July 17

oh oh i want some more, oh oh what are you waitin' for?

comfy gear for an early morning of heading to the bank & browsing (which turned into shopping....)

wearing: zipper pocket tee- garage, army green linen shorts- aero, sandals-costa rica, aviators- kiosk in the mall.

black tee with cut off & tied back and blue (somewhat of an acid was feel) - coastal ridders
crocodile ring- aldo

oh and yesterday i got myself these colours to add to my nail polish collection (i've become somewhat of an addict). they were only 2 bucks each! 
clockwise from R: it's not as pink in the photo more of a pinkish/brown, gold and sparkly (looks good alone or over top of the pinkish/brown one), below is one i wish showed up like it does in the bottle but it decieved me and is just clear BUT it looks good over top of a purple/black (my sis tested it out for me). and last is this dark brown that almost looks black and i'm in love with it. it's on my fingers at the moment :)

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