Saturday, July 3

football fanatic?

had a busy busy day today, and it went by speedyly. applied to micky d's and got an interview straight up- yes i have resulted to applying to mcdonalds...whatever it'll give me hours and that means mo'cash. went to the bank to deposit a large check only to transfer it to my mothers account (it'll be paying for uni next year since this year i'll be paying for it -it'll be a cheaper school so better deal for me i guess). then i headed to work which went by uber fast. came home to watch the match between Germany and Argentina (my alarm didn't go off this morning). i didn't think i'd get into it since i had already known the score, but i suppose i did (hence the zoned out/blank expressions in the above photo). i was all for both teams but i knew the Germans would dominate, i just get these hunches you know. so that explains the lack of effort in this post. i simply came home threw on my fave sweater and some slippers and stared at the tv for a very long time hah. can't wait till Wednesday, might go downtown to watch Germany vs Espana . it's gonna be hella good. i'm roooting for spain! though im a bit scared the germans might win...even though i am cheering for them too. i think my latin blood just wants a latin team to win. after all it is our sport :)
wearing: white tank-aero, D.I.Y. tie-dye bandeau- (bought it plain white at aero), the same black ae skinnies i just happen to wear whenever i post, fossil suade belt- thrifted, fav/comfy grampa sweater- thrifted, feather earings- costa rica

Viva Espana!
(ps. that's germany in this shot not spain)

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