Thursday, July 15

just another ordinary day

favourite sneakers. white leather keds- value village baaaby :)
secret, magic erasers are indeed magical! they cleaned the blue dye from my super dark wash skinnies right off of my precious white sneakers. so any white leather stained by dye, rub a little bit of magic eraser and your good to go people.
i swear i do own coloured clothing, my closet doesn't just consist of greys, whites, and blacks. for serious! next time i wear something colourful and printed i'll be sure to snap a shot. and that is a promise friends :)

just plain old clothing for another ordinary work day at aero...

wearing: grey t-aeropostale, same ae black skinnies ( i also own a whole wack load of jeans beside these bad boys), flower belt- ae, rings, braclet, bag- costa rica

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