Tuesday, July 6

 photos take a couple weeks ago that my lovely friend yaisa finally uploaded. she's a good little photographer wish i could have her around to take photos of my outfits all the time. like carry her around in my bag then take her out and watch her grow from a diminutive stature to her normal hight, like Alice does when she eats those little cookies. anywho this outfit is one of my favs, and i just threw all together that day in about 2 minutes. don't you love those days? when you just grab stuff out or your closet without paying attention put it on then glance at the mirror and go "ohhh i really like this together, it looks goooood". sometimes makes me feel like i should be a fashion stylist cause it seemed so easy and effortless hah. if only- that would be a ridiculously awesome job.

this are two good friends of mine Paula (on the right) and Joryli (on the far left). they are gorgeous on the inside and out as corny as that may sound it is true. plus they are both hilarious in their own way- hence the laughing in the photos :)


wearing: sheer lightpink/purple blouse- thrifted, black dress- costa blana, chain necklace- aldo, fav. purple stone necklace, black strappy sandals- charlotte russe.

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